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Our mission: To enhance the understanding of the unique experience of raising multiples through the exchange of information and engaging with the wider community through fellowship and service opportunities.

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Monthly general meetings give prospective members an opportunity to explore everything FWMoM has to offer. Meetings consist of an engaging activity or presentation, delicious food, a short business meeting, and a chance to chat with other MoMs. Come check us out!

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LaShaunte Beathea

I was born in Birmingham, AL and have a twin brother. I am a graduate of Alabama A&M University where I completed my Bachelors of Finance. I am also a graduate of Walden University where I completed my MBA with a concentration in Accounting. I have always been very active in activism and community service since I was a toddler.

I met my husband Devine in college and we got married in 2019. We have 3 daughters Naima (4), Nia & Nadia (2). We moved to TX in 2015 and have been in Fort Worth ever since. Outside of motherhood, I spent my time binge watching medical shows like Grey’s Anatomy and running my online store and blogging. I’m also a certified travel agent and a math wiz!

I come from a big family where I have 6 siblings and dozens of cousins. My twins are one of many sets of twins in my family and we hope to add a son to our family in the next few years.

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  • 227 members
  • 217 sets of twins
  • 11 sets of triplets
  • 5 members with multiple sets of multiples
  • 104 members with multiples and singleton(s)
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Shameless Tourist

For as long as she can remember, Travel has always been an integral part of Kaleigh Kirkpatrick’s life. The desire to see the world and experience it first hand is something that is engrained in her, and these first hand experiences are something she loves to share with her clients. From her first solo international flight at age twelve, to her first trip alone with her three-year-old daughter to traveling in groups of more than twenty, Kaleigh has experienced traveling of all shapes, sizes and to countless destinations. A “type-A” personality at heart, Kaleigh was always the family planner of all events, leaving little to chance, and their travel was no exception. Kaleigh is a graduate of Texas A&M University and when she is not planning travel, being a mom and wife, or traveling herself; she enjoys long-distance running, hiking, skiing, great food, live music, and her dog Carter.

Kaleigh truly loves helping individuals, couples, groups, and families plan their travel. Sharing her tips, tricks, money saving tactics, and reviews of destinations around the world, she is confident that she can plan a superb vacation.

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