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Take Better Pictures with Your Phone

Fri, February 12, 2021 10:12 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

We can’t always carry around a large DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera everywhere we go (even though I would kind of like to). But we do always have our cell phones.  Though cell phone pictures cannot compete with the quality of a professional camera, it is definitely better than having no camera at all.  What if you could improve the pictures that you are taking with your smartphone? 


Are your pictures fuzzy? Foggy or hazy? How do you fix that? 

1. When shooting, hold your camera as still as you can, especially in low-light conditions. Your camera is designed to slow its shutter speed in low-light scenarios, which means you’ve gotta hold REALLY still to get a clean shot. So practice bracing your elbows to your sides while hold the camera up. Or, find a solid surface that works almost as good as a tripod. This will support the camera and hold it still much better. 


2. Speaking of low light, the best way to get a clear shot is to light your subject properly. Backlight is horrible for today's phones. The phones just can't handle it. Place your subject closer to a window, or shoot outside in full shade. Just getting good light on the subject alone will help the camera itself perform better. 


3. It may seem silly, but WIPE YOUR LENS!  A simple trick, but an effective one, and one we don't think about all the time- simply wiping off your lens will make your pictures clearer. After all, we store that thing in our purses, and who knows what kid-size drama made it into my bag this week! 


4. Tell your phone what to focus on by tapping on the subject on your screen.  When you do this a box will appear and the camera will work to focus on that location.  This can also help with the brightness of your picture.  If there are both bright and dark areas in the frame, the camera may have a difficult time determining how to expose the picture.  But if you click on the dark part of the image the camera will brighten up the picture for you. In contrast, if you click on the bright part of the image the camera will make your picture darker.   


5. Try not to zoom in.  It is better to walk closer for a good quality picture than to zoom in.  In many situations zooming in will take away from the quality of the picture.  Of course, there are situations where getting a zoomed in picture might be more important than the quality.  For example, if your kiddo is doing a school play and you want a picture of their face you might prefer to zoom in and lose some of the quality of the image instead of losing your child in the crowd.   

And for those moments where you want to be in the pictures with your babies or you want to book a special session to document a milestone, feel free to contact me!  

Stephanie Hatton 

Stephanie Hatton is a dedicated FWMoM Sponsor. She is a fine art photographer that specializes in portraits, family and maternity photography. Come read more about our wonderful sponsor in our Q&A blog that was done between Stephanie and FWMoM a couple months ago! If you are interested in booking her for a future session please contact her through 

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