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Deal or no Deal

Thu, March 12, 2020 10:21 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

I’m ALWAYS looking for a deal.  Whether it’s a discount code, BOGOs, coupons...I love them all!  Ask my hubby, Mark, and he will tell you that I find coupons EVERYWHERE!  Once Mark was test driving cars and came home with a used Cadillac from the dealership. He told me how he wanted it, but they would have to come down to his price or he wouldn’t buy it.  He haggled with the salesmen for days and got them to come close to his number. Before he went back to buy it, I said, “Hey wait, what dealership was it”? He told me, and I said, “I found a $300 off coupon for a used car from that dealership on the coke case the other day.”  He shocked the used car folks when he showed up, after haggling them down, and NOW he had a $300 off coupon!

Another time, I was eating Frosted Flakes for dinner after coming home from my 3rd shift job at midnight.  I noticed the box said to “look inside to see if you’re a winner.”  I WAS A WINNER!!! I was so excited I tore the box open and then whispered to Mark as I went to bed that I had won a new Nintendo64, which had just come out on the market. He whispered back he didn’t believe me. Next morning, he checked, and woke me up to tell me I was a winner!  We still have that Nintendo and my three kids played it like crazy.

I never, ever pay full price, and y’all,  my three kids wear name brand clothes! Before kids,  I clipped coupons and had them all organized. But then three kids came, and my organized life was never the same; it became more “organized chaos”!  I did only things I had time for, because I HAD to so as to not file bankruptcy over three kids in diapers and formula. You may not have time either, but hopefully you can find something here to save you a little money.

Did you know many companies offer parents of multiples lots of freebies, discounts, coupons, and gifts?  You just have to ask. Some places require you to have birth certificates to apply for the free items or discounts and some are available even when you’re still pregnant.  I applied for every offer I could find when my twin girls were born. I received so many free items. I received $5 off coupons from diaper companies, a free Diaper Genie, and so many more things.

Some businesses offer discounts for multiples, just ask wherever you go if they offer a twin discount.  You’ll be amazed how many places do this. And restaurants have KIDS EAT FREE nights!! We lived on that schedule too.

So, let me break it down by ages what I do and did:

Birth & Toddlers:


Elementary School Age & Up:

Private schools, sports & activities programs all usually give multiples discounts.  JUST ASK! 

My kids all went to Private Christian Academy from PreK to 3rd grade. I paid full price for the 1st child, discounted for 2nd and 3rd child. I got even smarter, decided to work there, and not only received the multiple child discount, but 50% off for working there as well!

My kids all played the same sports, and there was a time where my twin girls played on the same team as my son. The place we lived didn’t have enough girls to fill an all-girls soccer team, so my girls played soccer with the boys until jr. high. And guess what!?  If you guessed multiples discount, you are correct! 1st player -full price, 2nd and 3rd players were discounted.

I mentioned above that my kids wear designer clothes, but I have never paid designer costs. Clothes are worn out so fast, but you want your kids to look amazing!  How can you afford it?

Here are ways I did it:

  • Multiple moms’ garage/consignment sales! I always scored big at these events.  North Dallas Mothers of Twins Semi Annual Sale:
  • Rhea Lana Fort Worth - check for city listings:  
  • Just Between Friends:
  • Sign up for store discount clubs and VIP programs.  Once I earned so many points at Famous Footwear and I also had coupons, so I paid only $9 for four pairs of shoes!  You would be surprised how many deals you can stack at different stores.
  • Find a MoM whose kids are older than your children, and ask if you could have or purchase her children’s hand-me-down clothes.
  • Consignment stores!  I sold about half of my used clothes bins to two children and teen consignment stores for $300!  Of course there are many more but these are two I used:

Do you want your multiples to match or coordinate?  Do you want to match your kids too? Here are a few sites to shop for special occasion clothing:


I shopped some of these sites and found neat items from t-shirts, to invitations, to outfits for the kids: 

Twin Stuff & Gifts:

Happy discounting, couponing, and getting great DEALS!

Twinscerely plus one,

Melissa Miller

Melissa Miller is a mom to children: Mark(21) & identical girls Martha & Melissa(19) and serves FWMOM as our Meals for MOM's Coordinator.

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