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  • Wed, August 12, 2020 9:38 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    “Hey! We’re pregnant with twins!” my husband exclaimed at the twin parents seated a few tables away, as we walked to our seats at the restaurant. The woman flipped her hair back and said with such confidence, “Prepare for celebrity status. Everyone knows a twin, is a twin, has a twin, or wants to know your story.”
    She could not have been more correct. 4 and a half years in and we have had thousands of conversations, dealing with our fair share of both the kind remarks and the snarky ones, and in every encounter, I hear that woman’s voice in the back of my head, “Prepare for celebrity status.”

    What was she even talking about!? In the beginning, it felt like a curse… 

    When we found out we were having twins, we were ecstatic! I know that isn’t the case for everyone at first, but my husband and I had struggled through infertility for 4 and a half years so the news of two was such a blessing to our broken hearts. As we called family and friends, an opinionated acquaintance decided that then would be a good time to laugh and jokingly say, “Good luck with that…Better you than me!”

    I was furious. Good luck? Now? How rude of someone to tell me “Good luck with that” after delivering the best news of my entire life, after living a 4.5 year nightmare!

    Disclaimer though… I was newly pregnant with twins. My hormones made me into a very impatient and angry woman in the first trimester, and nothing anyone said, regardless of how they said it- came out right to me.

    My poor husband.

    Fast forward to the second encounter. My husband and I wheeled the twins out of our hospital room in their bassinets and a new, tired dad walked out of his room and said, “twins?” My husband and I looked at each other like, ‘Did he really just ask that?’ I kept my eyes focused on my husband while he responded with a chuckle, “They sure are!”

    This time I studied the question, paired with the voice in the back of my head. 

    I was warned y’all. Almost 9 months before encounter number 2, God had placed a fellow twin mom in my path to warn me that I would soon be having conversations with random strangers for the next 18 years, minimum, and that I needed to get my mind right for what was to come. I had a choice to make that day in the hospital. I could either be irritated every time someone opened their mouth and inserted their foot, or I could learn to bring joy to every encounter.

    I chose the latter.

    Now I’m not perfect, but this is now one area in which I have tried to remain intentional with the way I respond, and thought that this would be a good space to share this idea with people who get it! You’re probably better at this than I am, but in the event you’re struggling, I hope this helps!!!

    When I am stopped and someone tells me that they too have twins, I smile and ask their ages and if they’re older than mine, I almost always respond with a laugh and, “Oh, so you survived this stage! There’s hope!!”

    When I am stopped by a twin, or a set of twins, I almost always ask for a tip!! For instance, “Do you recommend I split the twins up in school? Why or why not?” This allows someone who has experienced it firsthand to give input that could potentially change the future for my kids! (Also, the majority have so far said that they were grateful to be split up in school because it was the only time they had away from their twin, which blew my mind.)

    And of course, let’s not skip over the remarks of those who feel the need to say things like, “Better you than me!” and “You sure have your hands full!” Even when people say that with a rude tone, I still try and have patience with them. Some have said it to be funny, but there have also been a few rude encounters. I simply reply with a chuckle and say, “God sure knew what He was doing when He gave them to ME then, huh!”

    The key thing here is I always try to leave the conversation and the people we’ve encountered better off than we found them. We try leaving them with a smile, or a new perspective. We try to leave them laughing, and we try to shine God’s light on a very dark world.

    Being a parent of multiples is a very rare and very special experience. Almost daily, we will experience people and conversations the rest of the world is completely oblivious to. We are let in on family secrets, struggles, hopes, and dreams, all because of the title we carry as Mom of Multiples. It is not a gift to take lightly or take for granted, either. We were hand selected and given an incredible opportunity to share Love.

    Share it.

    Have the conversations. Involve the kids in it. Enjoy it! 

    I try to teach my boys that God gave them a twin so that they would have more opportunities to share Jesus with the world.

    So if you see a new twin mom, warn her. Tell her that this is the time to decide if they're going to use her new gift of celebrity status as a burden or a blessing. 

    Sara is a mom to four year old twins, a two year old, and a bonus mom to a twelve and thirteen year old. She is a Christian social media influencer, and serves on the praise and worship team at Birdville Baptist Church.

  • Fri, August 07, 2020 10:25 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    To put it lightly, the last couple of months have brought a lot of unexpected and sudden changes into our lives. To most it probably feels like the world has been flipped upside down. We went from constant social interaction to seeing the same couple of faces in our household for what feels like an eternity. I think a lot of us have gotten used to hearing “our new normal” but if this is truly a new normal, we need to find a way to re-connect.

    Did you know that connection is actually considered a physiological need? Just like we need water and food, our mind and body crave social interaction. Professor Julianne Holt-Lunstad, PhD, did a study that showed an increase of social interaction can be linked to lower instances of stroke and coronary artery disease, higher levels of oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, and lower blood pressure levels and anxiety. Some interesting things that Professor Holt-Lunstad found were that cardiovascular and neuroendocrine responses to stress lowered when subjects were near or thinking about someone they love and trust1.

    Another study which hits a little closer to home for most of us MoMs, is about the interaction between parents and NICU babies. It’s been proven that constant human contact (touching, cuddling, or talking and singing) can help babies’ brains develop and help their heart rate to stabilize. Performing these actions causes their brain to produce certain hormones and chemicals which will help them thrive2.

    Lastly, The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has identified eight dimensions of wellness to focus on to optimize health. Two of the dimensions require interaction with others. One of the dimensions is Social, which states you need to develop a sense of connection, belonging and a well-developed support system. The second is Emotional and consists of coping effectively with life and creating satisfying relationships3.

    Now that we’ve talked about all the benefits that come from connecting with others, I don’t know about you but it makes me miss my friends tremendously! I look back and think about how much I took “connection” for granted. Now with the craziness of the world, the need to distance leaves us wanting more connection and interaction. Connection is not something we consciously think about doing like we do with eating or bathing, but as children and adults we have emotional “buckets” that can get full and of course, can also empty. It seems like during this crazy time most of our buckets have been drained, but most of us live with others (even if those others are only babbling all day long). So why is it that we still feel so emotionally disconnected? If you are reading this, then I know you have one of the most important resources known to man…technology. Yes, I know some people will give me 500 reasons why technology is bad for our society and with some of it, I do agree. However, during such an isolating time, I think it is time we took advantage of all the benefits that can come from it. This little handheld device or computer gives you access to refill your buckets with just a couple of clicks.

    Here are a couple of examples that technology can help us socialize during this trying time: 

    • Call someone. Just because you can’t see someone, doesn’t mean you can’t talk to them. 
      • Better yet… FaceTime! How awesome is it we can see each other through a phone! 
    • Social media. This is a great one even after the pandemic. There are so many different options now like but its great for those you don’t see every day, to still grow up with your family. 
      • Facebook groups are also a great way to keep in touch with other people that have similar views. 
    • Zoom. Yes, I know at this point most of us are probably sick of virtual meetings (why are they so many?!) but it really is a great resource for you to talk to multiple people at once, you can even host a family meeting for everyone to catch up and see each other.

    Now that we’ve talked about refilling your own buckets, let’s talk about how to fill our kids’ buckets…and let’s be honest, yes your bucket should come first because if yours is empty, you have nothing to fill anyone else’s with. Research has shown that children who lacked early human contact (love and attention) indicated a drastic lack of emotional development as they grew older. Connecting with your child not only creates a better bond between the two of you, it can also assist with their success in the future. It’s important to note that little kids’ buckets can fill really quickly, but they also empty just as quickly. You may have to have several “touch points” throughout the day for their bucket to be steadily filled. One way to do this is to aim for several hugs and/or kisses throughout the day. Let them feel all the love you have for them. Another way to connect with your kid is by putting your phone down! I know I am guilty of getting glued to a game or social media for far too long, but nowadays there are settings or apps on most phones now that allow you to limit the amount of time you spend on your phone and its apps.

    Here are a couple of my favorite examples of how to connect with your kids: 

    • Have a water balloon fight outside! 
    • Have a blindfolded snack taste test. 
    • Ice cream dates. 
    • Make an obstacle course or a fort in your living room with couch cushions or pillows and blankets. 
    • Random dance party.
    • Have a chalk draw-off, invite your neighbors to be the judge from afar.
    • Read them books with your best animated voice. 
    • Have an arts and crafts night. (who doesn’t love those cute macaroni crafts?!) 
    • Attend virtual playdates.
    • Be sincere with your feelings and encourage them to express their own. 
    • I think most important of all, follow your child’s lead. Encourage them to choose an activity they would like to do with you. 

    The last couple of weeks have been chaotic and stressful but I hope you can put some of these in practice and fill your buckets to them brim!

    Valerie is a mom to one-year-old twins, Oliver and Dexter. She serves FWMOM as a co-

    chair VP of programs.

    1. Frame, S. (2017, October 18). Julianne Holt-Lunstad probes loneliness, social connections. Retrieved August 05, 2020, from

    2. Bonding with your premature baby in the NICU. (2019, July 31). Retrieved August 06, 2020, from

    3. Kobrin, M. (n.d.). Promoting Wellness for Better Behavioral and Physical Health. Retrieved August 06, 2020, from

  • Thu, July 30, 2020 10:34 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    As our year comes to an end, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share the 2020 End of Year Celebration Video with you all. If you were unable to join us live for the premiere, I hope you can find a spare half hour to go back and view the presentation. Personally, it has been such a pleasure to serve FWMoM this year, as this organization holds a special place in my heart. I recently renewed my membership, and am proud to have earned my Five Year Member badge! The past five years have definitely been a whirlwind of adventure, and I would like to share with you a little about my journey with this group.

    Five years ago, I had infant twins, and was feeling somewhat overwhelmed. When they were in the NICU, they had a whole team of caregivers to tend to their every need - BUT - after bringing them home, it was suddenly just us. At that point, I was sleep-deprived, weakened by my stint on bedrest, and unsure how to go about dividing my time between my two new babies. Caring for two infants at once comes with a pretty steep learning curve. I will forever be grateful to have found this amazing tribe of women. Each of you have gone through a similar experience. You understand the challenges I have gone through, those I am currently facing, or the new ones I am about to encounter. There are so many MoMs in this tribe who are equipped to provide encouragement, because they are speaking to each of our shared experiences. This really has helped me get through the tricky times and trials of raising young twins.

    As my boys have grown older, I have enjoyed many successful parenting moments, where I felt like I was starting to get the hang of things... But as you will likely agree, right after that great moment, usually everything changes. Then, I have to scramble to overcome a brand new challenge! This is honestly what motherhood is like...each MoM must constantly improvise, adapt to new situations, and overcome unexpected obstacles. For this year’s theme, I chose to highlight these three behaviors as essential skills for FWMoM members. If you want to get the most out of this group experience, I hope you will consider these tips (from a MoM who has been around long enough to know):

    FWMoM tips to not just survive, but THRIVE:

    F Fun: Attend events (whether virtually or in-person) and enjoy some much-needed and well-deserved MoM time.

    W Work together: Look for opportunities to get involved, volunteer, and support one another.

    M Make friends: Connect with other moms and form community.

    O Openness: Join in with an open-heart and an open-mind.

    M Make time: Invest in yourself and invest in others.

    Take it from me; this organization has so much to offer every one of our members. Our volunteer board members gladly give so much of their time and energy to plan all sorts of events for all of our MoMs. The time they give is time that could be spent elsewhere, but instead they have chosen to devote it to FWMoM. Why is that? It’s because every volunteer understands the vital importance of offering support to our members. It’s because we’ve been there! It is such a pleasure to be able to support our MoMs with younger children now that my own have grown older. I find that I continue to benefit from this group regardless of whether I am the one receiving or the one giving. No matter how old my children are, I strongly believe FWMoM will always have something very special to offer my family.

    One more way FWMoM is dedicated to supporting our members is by offering reduced dues for the August 2020 through July 2021 membership year. We know that raising multiples can be stressful, wonderful, chaotic, overwhelming, and joyous. Luckily, we are all in this together! As I have said, this group has meant so much to me throughout our journey so far, and I have loved being a member. I hope you join me in another great year of membership, by renewing TODAY.

  • Thu, July 23, 2020 12:52 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    If you’re like me, you’re wondering, “What the heck am I going to do with my preschool kids this year?” My twins are two (almost three) and I had wanted to put them into a Mother’s Day Out program this fall, but with the COVID craziness, I just feel I can’t. I have been WAITING for the day I could let them learn and play a few hours each week while I run errands, go to the doctor, or get a haircut without having to pay a babysitter. I mean…how many of us haven’t dreamed of at least making a trip to the “big girl potty” without our precious littles stopping by to see? We’ve ALL been WAITING for this day.

    However, because I’m too unsettled in my heart, I’m going to take a pass on school this year. I’m going to keep them home. Here’s the next hurdle I need to jump: what the heck do I do now?

    Maybe you’re like me and unsure of what to do with your preschoolers. Maybe you’re in the spin cycle of emotions trying to discern medical recommendations and what you feel in your gut. I checked out the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines by the Texas Education Agency and I just decided that as for in-person school, I will skip it. Skip it all. So, what now?

    “Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho” off to the internet I go… a quick google search gives me what I’m looking for.

    There are preschool curriculum's heavy in structure, some with no structure, some focused on avid readers, faith-based, play-based, worksheet-based, or exploration-based learning. You can really cherry pick your plan.

    With a quick google search you’re going to find the top choices for preschool homeschool curriculum. Read that. It’s going to give you some good information. If you don’t have time to read it, you’ll find most of the information below. 

    For this age, play-based instruction is key. As the above article explains, “Play is a well-documented human instinct that enables children to practice real-life scenarios. Through play-based learning, children hone their problem-solving and social skills, increase their vocabularies, and become more physically agile.”1

    Look for programs that teach these skills through hands on learning:

    • Language and literacy skills. 1 Reading is an invaluable activity that enhances every area of a child’s brain. Do this as often as you can…or as often as you can make yourself, because (seriously) if we’re not dragging ourselves out of bed in the morning, then we all want to be that super mom when we wake up, but sometimes we’re just too tired to actually make it happen. Do what you can, mama. You’re a rock star! All the tiny humans are still alive!

    Math skills, including colors and time orientation, fine motor skills, and sensory exploration.

    • Now, if you’re beginning to panic here, don’t worry. I did too. How the heck am I going to check and see if all these elements are included in a curriculum? How many do I need to look through?

    Here’s a list of curricula taken directly from the article1 (or you can click the article and see the list with a more detailed description of each):

    1. Before Five in a Row – Two part curriculum; the first is reading-based and second is learning in everyday life. 1

    2. WinterPromise – Christian based curriculum with two distinct options: a read aloud program and a program focused on language and math skills through play. These options can be run side-by-side. This curriculum is geared for 3-5 years of age. 1

    3. Sonlight – Literature-based Christian preschool curriculum with play. 1

    4. A Year of Playing Skillfully – Play-based curriculum for children ages 3-5 years. Based on the book The Homegrown Preschooler. 1

    5. BookShark – Literature-based, hands-on, faith-neutral curriculum for children ages 3-5. 1

    After you’ve thumbed through that, here are some really good resources to remember: There are free or inexpensive online or app programs that can supplement learning:

    ABC Mouse - $9.95/mo

    Starfall - $35/year – I was able to get onto this website and play a bit without signing in.

    Khan Academy – Free – no ads and no subscriptions, donations accepted, non-profit

    Epic!- $7.99 per month, digital library for kids

    Vooks - $4.99 per month, story books brought to life

    Some of these may offer free enrollment or a reduced price as many are doing online learning around the country this year.

    More resources for homeschooling:

    If you are homeschooling your kids, remember:

    1. No one knows your kids better than you do. Go with your gut.

    2. Your kids are kids. Have fun! Enjoy this age.

    3. Homeschooling doesn’t have to be scary. Keep it simple and age appropriate.

    4. Language, communication, and social/emotional skills are key for preschoolers: model, teach, and practice.2

    And OH! You’re going to rock this!

    Catrina is mom to two-year-old twins, Cooper and Cydney, and serves as treasurer of FWMoM.

    1 Bales, Kris. "Top Choices for Preschool Homeschool Curriculum." ThoughtCo, Feb. 11, 2020,

    2 Walker, Jennifer. Personal interview. 14 July 2020. She worked as a certified Early Childhood Special Education teacher for 8 years has worked in childcare teacher for 10 years

  • Wed, July 15, 2020 4:07 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    I don’t know about y’all but I miss travel – it’s definitely one of my most favorite hobbies! I miss dreaming, planning, researching, and most importantly, going on my getaway. Whether it's a cruise, or a family or romantic getaway, it takes attention to detail, bargaining, and research to determine where I want to go next and how to score the best deal. Although my family has not yet been to Disney, that is next on our list and Kaleigh Kirkpatrick is an expert on that subject. That is exactly why I am thrilled to share my fun interview with Kaleigh, founder of the Shameless Tourist, with you all today.

    Travel has always been an integral part of Kaleigh Kirkpatrick’s life. The desire to see the world and experience it firsthand is something that is ingrained in her and these firsthand experiences are something she loves to share with her clients. From her first solo international flight at age twelve, to her first trip alone with her three-year-old daughter, to traveling in groups of more than twenty, Kaleigh has experienced trips of all shapes, sizes and to countless destinations. A “type-A” personality at heart, Kaleigh was always the family planner of all events, leaving little to chance, and their travel was no exception. Kaleigh truly loves helping individuals, couples, groups, and families plan their travel. Sharing her tips, tricks, money saving tactics, and reviews of destinations around the world, she is confident that she can plan a superb vacation. So, let us dive in – and get to know Kaleigh better in addition to what makes her individualized, personalized service so special.

    • Kaleigh, can you share with us your current bucket list trip?

    I am supposed to be in Africa right now so that bucket list has been placed on hold until next summer. We were booked to see the Great Migration in Tanzania, then a few days at the beach in Mozambique before rounding out the trip and seeing Cape Town. Other bucket list trips for me include Antarctica, The Arctic Circle, Bhutan, and Peru.

    • What has been your favorite trip to help a family or couple plan?

    Gosh, what a hard question! I love helping families plan their first Disney trip because it’s usually such a special trip for the parents—I know I dreamed of taking my daughter to Disney before she was born, so it was such an exciting time when I was planning her first trip. I also love planning first international trips for families or couples for the same reason; it’s so exciting and I love being able to add value and take away the stress for my clients.

    • How did you hear about FWMoM?

    Tyler Wright was a client of mine years ago and I believe she placed me in contact with the group. Shout out to Tyler!

    • Any best kept secret trips you love to help people plan?

    I love to send clients away for a romantic getaway at a resort that is not at the beach. There are so many amazing resorts in the US that are all about getting outdoors, having an amazing culinary experience, and truly experiencing rest and relaxation that most people only associate with a beach.

    • I would love to hear about a recent win you experienced in the travel industry.

    Less the crazy circumstances we have found ourselves in lately, 2020 has been a great year for recognition of my business. I was Fort Worth Woman of the Month in February and was also recognized in Voyage Dallas earlier this year. This summer, I was also on the founding team to launch TripAdvisor’s new platform, Reco, which is a website that helps match consumers with a Travel Advisor.

    • Disney is reopening this month, I believe. Do you have recommendations on making plans with your agency to book a trip in the future?

    Disney reopens July 11! Yes, now it is more important than ever to book early. Disney is requiring park reservations to even enter the parks and these reservations are made as soon as you book your hotel; so, book early to guarantee your entrance to the parks. Right now, we are booking January 1-September 26, 2021; with other dates in 2020 and later in 2021 coming later this summer.

    • What are challenges COVID presented to you this year, and how can the members of FWMoM help?

    This has been a challenging year (to put it mildly) in the Travel Industry. In case you are not aware, usually about 90% or more of the money Travel Advisors make is paid after the client travels. Because of this, most Travel Advisors have lost at least a year of income, if not maybe more—plus we have been busy cancelling and postponing trips for clients who were booked prior to the pandemic; all basically for free. I hope moms remember that Travel Advisors are all a part of our small business community and they have been hurt just as badly, if not worse than your favorite boutiques, restaurants, etc. If you think of traveling soon, whether you want to rent a home, visit a hotel—near or far, reach out! We have lots of great relationships that can help you find the perfect place for your next getaway.

    Well I do not know about y’all, but my travel bug and dream vacation inspiration has increased tenfold since getting to know Kaleigh better. I am positive we need to get our family to the beach and now I know that Kaleigh can help us find a beautiful beach home on 30A. Contact Kaleigh today at to learn how she can help you make your dream vacation a reality on a budget!

  • Wed, July 01, 2020 9:13 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Is your heart racing? Are the palms of your hands sweating? Are your knees shaking? Are your armpits perspiring and feeling itchy? Okay, maybe that last question was for me, lol!

    But perhaps you’re okay. Perhaps you’re full of joy. Perhaps you’re not nervous. Perhaps you’re happy and content. Perhaps you feel safe and secure. Perhaps you don’t feel afraid, discouraged, hurt, angry, or insecure.

    Or perhaps you’re feeling numb.

    Whatever your “perhaps” may be, maybe you feel nothing at all. And if you do feel numb, I want you to pinch yourself. No seriously, I want you to pinch yourself like you may have pinched your child in church or at the grocery store to silently, yet firmly, get their attention, and I want you to open your eyes.

    Yes, you are alive and yes, this is real, and what you feel is real, and it matters to God.

    I had to tell myself this story and do these exact same steps when I found out about the killing of George Floyd. My heart started to race. My knees were shaking. My armpits and the palms of my hands started to sweat.

    I was afraid. I was nervous. I was even numb at one point. And I literally had to pinch myself to realize that this is not a movie, this is not my imagination, this is not a bad dream, but holy macaroni, this is real!

    But my response didn’t come immediately. My response came rushing when I learned that George called out to his mother. At that moment, I had to take several breaths. Because as a black mother of a two-year-old black baby boy, I was afraid.

    Before now, I was used to being the only black girl in the room. But as a new mom, I wasn’t prepared to think about having a conversation with my black son about the Goliath he may have to face in this world.

    It’s hurtful to have to think about what I’m going to have to say to my son about his well being and how to carry himself so that he is not perceived in a negative light.

    Perhaps you know what it’s like to have to think about having hard conversations with your children. Perhaps you understand what it’s like to think about preparing your child for the “real world”.

    And even though my son is only 2 years old, as a black woman, it’s essential that I think about these things because even as a child, he will be impacted by racism.

    That moment when George Floyd lost his breath, was when I woke up.

    Contrary to the horrific realities that we’ve experienced recently, I was awakened to think about what Jesus would say to my son.

    Do you know what the Lord told me? He said, “Tell him what I think about him. Tell him that before anyone else had a choice to choose him, that I chose him and called him before he was in your womb. Tell him that he is set apart. Tell him that I’m not ashamed of who he is or embarrassed to call him My son. Tell him that he is the head and never the tail, above and never beneath, a lender and not a borrower. Tell him that he was never born to be hidden, but to shine for my glory. Tell him that he is loved, accepted, and significant. Tell him that he is a blessing and not a burden. Tell him that he is fearfully and wonderfully made in My image and likeness and that he can do anything through Me, who gives him strength. Tell him that I gave him a name, and that name is Son.”

    When I heard this, I shifted from feeling hurt to being full of hope. My hope is in Jesus, who is my solid rock. God is consistent. He is unshakable. He is faithful. He is stable. He is infinite. He is all-seeing, all-knowing. He is not here today, gone tomorrow. His love will always remain. So no matter what situations may try to shake me, I have nothing to fear, because my Lord is with me, my son, and my husband.

    Perhaps my son was called for such a time as this to be the difference. Perhaps my son was destined to be a catalyst for change in his generation. Perhaps God will raise him up to break racial divides…

    And perhaps God called both you and me to be a part of the change in our children’s lives. As mothers, God has given us a gift to nurture the purpose, power, and potential that our babies have to make a difference for the Kingdom of God. Let’s plant seeds of life into their hearts. Let’s collaborate and speak the word of God into their destiny so that they can be all that God has called them to be and not what history labeled them to be.

    Yes, let’s make them aware of the realities of the injustices, pressures, and evil that exist in our country, but let’s also remind them about what God says about them.

    I’m believing that this next generation will be the chosen ones who will shake the Earth with their boldness to declare God’s Word and works throughout every nation.

    Can you believe that with me? Let’s do our work to teach, train, and equip our children to be light bearers, change agents, and vessels of God’s love and grace, without bias or personal preferences.

    Perhaps God raised you up for such a time as this, to save the next generation from yesterday’s history. Perhaps, in this very moment, this is a wake-up call to all mamas to unite and unleash God’s love at levels that no one would ever think existed.

    Are you ready? Let’s do this!

    Taylor Simon is mom of miracle twins, Speaker, Author, YouTuber, and Entrepreneur. I am obsessed with Jesus and passionate about faith and biz, dreams, journals, popcorn, and helping you maximize your potential in every area of your life!

  • Wed, June 24, 2020 9:40 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Nothing says “American” like family photos taken to preserve memories we hope to carry in our minds and hearts forever. And with these pandemic days encouraging physical distancing and staying home, family photos and newborn photo sessions offer safe havens for fresh-air photo fun. Photographers who would typically be quite busy capturing family milestones at spring and summer celebrations have found their professional lives on hold, too.

    When you are searching for a vetted, skilled photographer to help you achieve special pictures, look no further than Stephanie Renee Photography, a dedicated FWMoM Silver Sponsor. Stephanie is a fine art photographer specializing in portrait, family, and maternity photography. I remain deeply impressed by her talent, inspiration, and unique work commemorating special occasions so I thought it would be fun to get to know her a little more intimately. Read along to get a glimpse behind her lens.

    Fort Worth Mothers of Multiples: How did you decide to become a successful female entrepreneur?

    Stephanie Renee Photography: It took me a while to get to this place. In high school and college I took photography courses and loved them. I loved the idea of majoring in Photography in college but I could not see how it could be a real career. Years later, after I had my girls, I was my sister's photography assistant. (Yes, my sister and I share the same passion.) In 2015, after watching her, I had the courage to step out on my own. My sister and I now share a photography studio in Fort Worth and we are each others’ biggest cheerleaders.

    FWMoM: What is your favorite part of being a photographer?

    SRP: I love so much about being a newborn and family photographer in the Fort Worth area. I love creating art, watching little return clients grow, and I loves seeing the reactions of a mom and dad viewing their images from their session for the first time. Oh and the newborn sessions! There is nothing better than snuggling a brand new baby and posing them in the most adorable outfits. The quick little baby fix helps to keep away my baby fever.

    FWMoM: How has your business been impacted by COVID-19?

    SRP: Sadly, COVID-19 has negatively impacted Stephanie Renee Photography. The hardest part for me was that the shut down happened during the time the Texas bluebonnets were blooming. Typically spring is a busy time of year for my business. The weather is warming up and all of the flowers are out. But this year I only photographed my own children in the bluebonnets. Also, photography is a luxury service. If my clients are not in a good place financially, they will not be able to purchase photography.

    FWMoM: Have you planned any front porch sessions or other creative ways to engage with your clients during this trying time?

    SRP: Yes, I did a few different things to engage with my clients during the shut down. I have offered free "Basic Camera Class" videos to all of my clients in my Facebook group, I sent my 2019 clients color pages from their last photo session, and I sold digitally created portraits for people to purchase in time for Mother's Day. I did not offer front porch sessions. I thought the idea was clever but was worried that it was not following the "stay home" order that was put in place for all of the "non essential workers". So for a month and a half my girls and I stayed home and did their distance learning. Now that the orders have been lifted and business owners have been told that they are able to operate again I am willing to offer these sessions. Contact me to schedule!

    FWMoM: Why do you sponsor FWMoMS?

    I am not a mother of multiples but I am a mommy to two girls. I quickly learned the need of mommy friends and I joined a local MOPS group. This helped me through the rough times. Any kind of group that builds relationships and supports mothers is a group worth working with.

    FWMoM: What is your favorite thing about the Fort Worth area?

    SRP: I love that Fort Worth is a little bit country and a little bit city. I have every store I need nice and close to me but I do not have to go far to find beautiful nature. Outside in nature is my happy place.

    Stephanie would be thrilled to serve as your photographer. She will consult with you before your session to ensure you know every detail and have an opportunity to ask questions. Contact her today!

  • Wed, June 17, 2020 9:40 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    I get the feeling that the world is spinning a bit off kilter since the start of 2020. I have frankly lost track of the number of historic events that have happened this year, but I’m very aware how they have affected my family and community. The uncertainty of a global pandemic, the canceled events, job changes, and the loss of a perfectly good school year have weighed on us in a way we were not prepared for. Now with increased turmoil across our country, something very bizarre going on in Seattle, and an election year on the horizon, we can sense the storm continuing to brew... and it’s scary.

    Our community, FWMOM has been greatly impacted as well. This has been a challenge and an adventure as we all have had to find creative ways to continue to function and connect. I believe it has made us stronger as an organization, as a squad, as mothers.

    What a year to focus on overcoming fear and living a fearless lifestyle! Nobody could have predicted how timely this topic has been for us. We are now looking face to face into a storm of epic proportions and uncertain future and the opportunity to fear is most definitely here. It is time to live a Fearless Lifestyle, friends!

    Let’s wrap up this series with an action step. Rise above. If there was ever a group of mothers who understands what it means to rise above challenges, it’s mothers of multiples! It is what we do. When it comes to rising above fear we have to start with our focus. Like mentioned above, there are plenty of things going on around us to steal our attention and peace. Being intentional about what has our attention has a great impact on our ability to combat fear. I’m often reminded of that little Sunday school song:

    “Oh be careful little eyes what you see. Oh be careful little eyes what you see.

    For the Father up above is looking down in love, oh be careful little eyes what you see.

    Oh be careful little ears what you hear. Oh be careful little ears what you hear.

    For the Father up above is looking down in love, oh be careful little ears what you hear.”

    The essence of this simple song is key to overcoming fear. We have talked about the concept that what you feed will grow. If your diet intake consists primarily of reading every post about COVID, BLM, President Trump, China, Russia, riots, police reform... it will erode at your peace in a way that is difficult or even impossible to remain positive and removed from fear. To rise above fear, we must choose to turn it off. I’m not saying be uninformed, but not making it our largest portion of intellectual intake.

    When Peter in the Bible was walking on water towards Jesus, literally participating in one of the most famous miracles ever recorded... he was FINE until he put his attention on the storm. You as MOMs are walking out miracles every day (keeping all the children alive, miraculous). If you take your attention and place it on the chaos and the storm around you it can be disastrous. Fear and worry steal from your ability to participate fully in the lives of the little Wonders at your feet. None of us want that.

    Take action. Rise above the storm and choose not to feed the fear.

    But. How? Feed on the right things. Colossians 3 tells us to set our mind on things above, not on the things of the earth. Spend more time taking in the great things happening in your life and the lives of those around you. Set habits in your life that uplift and encourage you, however it works for you. Notes

    on the mirror, reminders on your phone, finding a few moments of quiet... and using them to fill your mind with goodness (not Facebook).

    Let me share this final scripture with you. This is how you rise above:

    “Summing it all up, friends, I’d say you’ll do best by filling your minds and meditating on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious- the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not things to curse. Put into practice what you have learned from me, what you heard and saw and realized. Do that, and God, who makes everything work together, will work you into his most excellent harmonies.” Philippians 4:8-9 MSG

    What an action list! I pray that you can take this as a challenge to adjust what has your attention. Rise above, Fearless MOMs!

    Tonya Flowers is mother to Lucas 9, and twins Wyatt and Timothy who are 4. She's a wife, nurse, and minister, and currently serves FWMOM as our chaplain. 

  • Thu, June 04, 2020 8:39 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Extremely large breakfast, snack, snack, lunch, 2nd lunch, popsicle, snack, 4 course dinner, dessert, snack, and snack. Does this sound like something out of a Hobbit movie or is this your reality now that summer vacation has officially kicked off? For some of you this has been a reality since your kiddos didn't go back to school after spring break due to the pandemic. Thank you very much, COVID-19. That summer mentality started early since most kids and parents heard the words “distance learning."

    Normally summers mean ballparks, festivals, cookouts, water parks, theme parks, and everything in between. However, these aren’t our reality this summer even as Texas begins to open things back up stage by stage. One thing that is universal and will not get shut down this summer is the essential necessity of eating. Let's admit it; summertime has some of the best foods but not necessarily the healthiest and as parents we still need to focus on our children’s nutrition just like during the school year. So the question remains; can kids eat healthily and still enjoy their favorite summertime foods? The answer is yes, if you manage it right.

    For summertime here are three basic rules that can help you with this goal:

    ● Yes, you can still let them eat sweets! It is important to treat sweets like any other food; it’s okay to have a little bit each day. This is how you teach your kids to have a healthy relationship with sweets.

    ● During the summertime make sure they stay active and burn off those calories. If your child does go for an unhealthy choice when you are at a cookout like something sugary or fried, it's okay. You don’t want to deprive them; just increase their activity level that day or week.

    ● Set a good example. Let your kids see you eating healthy foods or “healthier” versions of their favorite food. Research shows when kids see their parents eat healthy foods, the kids are more likely to follow suit and eat healthy foods as well. As I have said before, if you eat them, your kids will eat them.

    Let's go ahead and tackle some healthier versions of your kids’ favorite summertime foods.

    This being Texas and all I can start by acknowledging the fact that we all love our Tex Mex and Mexican foods. They are always a must but managed right, these foods can be very healthy, too. For example, with quesadillas or nachos, there are so many opportunities to sneak in healthy alternatives. Substitute a wheat or veggie tortilla for a flour one. This goes for chips as well; sub in those multi-grains. Black beans are great for fiber with plenty of veggies, like red or green bell peppers, to choose from. Add chicken for protein. Don’t forget those toppings like low fat cheese or sour cream (or plain greek yogurt works too), salsa with all of its vegetable goodness and the awesome power of omega 3 fats you get from guacamole.

    Though Memorial Day is behind us, this still leaves so many crazy, lazy, hazy days of summer to enjoy a good cookout. Hamburgers and hot dogs are always a staple and another opportunity to eat healthily. You can start by switching out 90/10 ground beef for ground chicken or turkey. Add in seasonings and your favorite veggie toppings, then voila, still a delicious and satisfying burger. The same goes for hot dogs. All beef hot dogs are great but you can always switch gears to a turkey or chicken hot dog. Just add in those favorite toppings. You can even sneak in a whole wheat bun for both.

    It gets hot in Texas and ice cream is always a great treat to beat the heat. You can still make great choices with this. Ice cream is around 15 grams of fat per ½ cup serving. The great news is that you can still stick with your favorite brands, just swap in their light, slow churned options. Fudge-sickle and Popsicle both have fat free, low fat, and no sugar versions that taste great and still satisfy that sweet tooth.

    Let’s not forget about some favorite summer breakfast foods like eggs, pancakes, and waffles. Whether you prefer frozen or homemade, you can use a whole grain version of pancakes or waffles and pair it with berries, bananas, or a light syrup. Eggs are always a great way to start and fuel your day with protein. Scramble them up with a low fat cheese and sneak in some veggies for good measure.

    What kid can resist that ooey, gooey goodness of a toasted marshmallow? Four large marshmallows typically contain 90 calories but you can even give them a healthy boost by making a fun fruit kabob with fruits like pineapple and strawberries. Now I am not overlooking the good ol’ standby of a s’more. Even these can be healthier with a whole grain graham cracker and dark chocolate.

    I know theaters are still closed but it doesn't mean you can't give popcorn as a snack to your kids. Mine personally would ask for popcorn every day as a snack if they could. Surprisingly, popcorn counts as a whole grain and whole grains are so important to a child's diet because they keep children from gaining weight. Popcorn even gives you a fiber boost. Air popping is the healthier method since most microwave brands add in extra fat. Do remember moderation is key and watch the portion size you give your kiddo.

    I don't know about you but watermelon is king during summer when it comes to fruit. While it is healthy, it still contains sugar. Make sure to throw in other fruits such as cherries, peaches, strawberries, and blueberries. You can even offer a smoothie version with some veggies snuck in. Granted, a child is more likely to eat a piece of fruit versus a vegetable but veggies can still be so good and fun too. You can cut them in fun shapes and give your kids a rainbow of colors to eat. Plus you can entice them with a low fat dip or hummus.

    I swear every time you go anywhere whether it's a restaurant, cookout, or a party, the options for kids to drink are always soda, lemonade, or fruit punch. While soda and lemonade do contain added sugar, having them once in a while won't kill your child either. You can always give them an option: would you like a soda or a few cookies later? Let them choose how they spend their daily calories. Of course there are always healthier options like good old H20. That may seem boring to kids so try adding a powdered flavor additive or sparkling water with some fruit juice to make a fun spritzer.

    All of these healthy options can help in the summertime battle for your children’s nutrition but one of the best ways to help yourself with this issue this summer is to make healthy eating a family affair by committing to meal times. Children who sit down for family meals even just once a week eat more vegetables and fruits compared to children who have never sat down for a meal with their family.

    At the end of the day, fed is always best. You know your child better than anyone. You never have to deprive your child but rather steer them in a healthier direction. Give them the options you would like them to choose from and make it fun. Now if only I had a cure-all for the phrase, “Can I have a snack,” a million times this summer...Unfortunately I don’t, so good luck and Godspeed this summer, mamas.

    Jennifer Beckom is mom to five year olds twins Clara and Elizabeth. She is a wife, chef, and child nutritionist. She has served on the board in the past as Secretary and Programs VP for FWMOM.

  • Wed, May 27, 2020 9:45 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    When life gives you a global pandemic…have a QuaranTEAne!

    This year the Fort Worth Mothers of Multiples did just that with our annual Celebrating MoMs event. Each year FWMoM throws a special get-together to honor and celebrate our MoMs with dinner, drinks, and raffles galore. Even though this year required some modifications in planning, the event was able to move forward.

    With the support of our phenomenal sponsor, Fort Worth Fertility, the FWMoM events team was able to assemble “swag bags” for each member filled with products and gifts fit only for a QuaranTEAne. From handmade FWMoM face masks to the supplies required to make a much needed cocktail, the bags were packed up and ready to go.

    On the morning of May 16th the dedicated volunteers assembled with responsible distancing wearing the proper attire to pass out these special bags and say hello to all who came through our drive-thru service. Even the rain that morning could not stop 89 MoMs from loading up the families to join in the drive-up celebration.

    On May 17th , our members logged on for a Zoom meeting for a chance to win over 30 raffles donated or purchased by FWMoM. It was so great to see everyone’s beautiful faces even though we could not meet in person.

    Although the Celebrating MoMs event was not exactly what had been done in the previous years, it was very clear by the number of participants willing and able to join in our socially distanced activity that it was what I would consider an “essential service.”

    I think we all appreciate the hard work and creativity that FWMoM has brought forth in keeping us moving forward as a community and bringing us together, even in times that we cannot actually be together. This event was a true testament to our desire to bond and stay connected.

    Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped put this event together, sewed the masks, filled and passed out the bags, and to all of the MoMs who drove up to join in the celebration. We were able to keep the tradition going even in times like these.

    Author Janae Huffman is a twin mom to Audrey and Eleanor, age 5. She is the VP of Special Events for FWMoM and an Occupational Therapist in Granbury now that her kids have entered into school.

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