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10 Ways to Live a Fearless Lifestyle

Wed, January 22, 2020 5:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

We have been on this journey together of finding out what a fearless lifestyle is, and how we as MOMs can live it. Life throws us curve balls, and we need to know how to respond with confidence and not in fear. This is not pie in the sky optimism, it’s real life, how to walk out the struggles and get to the other side completely. Here is a list (although not extensive) of 10 tips and tools to use to stay on this side of peace and knock those fear curve balls out of the park!

  1. Know the source of fear is not in you. Fear is your enemy. This is paramount in changing the way you see the world. Anxiety, worry, phobia, whatever label you give it, when it becomes part of your identity it's much more difficult to let go.
  2. Combat fear with the only weapon that works: Love. Let love override your fear. Love is the most powerful force in the earth, love casts out fear. They literally cannot exist together in the same place. When fear comes, be intentional and focus on what you love, who you love, and where you’re placing your love. 
  3. Fear is designed to cloud your judgement. Don’t let it steal your sound mind. You are smart! Fear makes you foolish and irrational. Trade that fear for knowledge and wisdom. In your mind stop that thought train of fear and look at the situation with reason and logic.
  4. Wisdom is not the same as fear. Make decisions based on wisdom and not fear. Parenting is hard, and when presented with undesirable options it's easy to slip into fear. Before you make any decision for your family, take time to evaluate what’s driving it. If fear is driving your decision, it’s not likely to take you where you want to go.
  5. Put the right words in your mouth. Fear feeds on fear words. Faith feeds on faith words. Whatever you feed, will grow. Feed anxiety with thinking about the fear and it will only grow bigger. Our words are powerful and shape our life and the lives of the little people around us. This must be an intentional choice we learn to make. Duct tape helps.
  6. Stop believing that you have to live afraid. Fear is not your prison sentence. Stop it momma, do not let anxiety become your identity. The opportunity to fear is always there, and it is designed to capture your mind and never let go. If you’re caught, there is freedom for you.
  7. Seek PEACE: the power to destroy the authority that brings fear. Another power tool, surround yourself with peace, look for it, earnestly find the silver lining, never stop your pursuit of peace. This can mean listening to the right voices, standing up in the face of fear, taking a deep breath and looking it straight in the eye and telling fear to go. 
  8. Peace is a place. When you feel afraid, take steps back towards that place of peace. Everyone can find ourselves already far down the worry road before we know it. Life is all about one step at a time back in the right direction.
  9. Find a trusted and fearless friend; encouraging words can settle you heart and mind. Girl... reach out. Another’s perspective can be just the truth we need to move beyond fear into confidence. You are surrounded by women and moms who face the same things as you, who lived to tell about it, and that can be empowering. 
  10. Pray. That is where your power is to live a fearless lifestyle. We have access to the source. When life is overwhelming, turn to the One who knows the end from the beginning. In Him is an overflow of peace and love and wisdom, an endless supply!

Live fearlessly my friends!

Tonya Flowers is mom to 3 sons: 4 year old twins, and a 9 year. She is a nurse, and serves FWMOM as our chaplain. 


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